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Youth Ministry

Youth Minister, Robin L. Mitchell
As Youth Minister, being self-motivated and having a zeal for the Lord and our youth, afford me the sacrifice of time and energy necessary to guide our Youth. Spiritual maturity has to be developed and then integrated into the daily lives of our youth. The spiritual outcome and welfare of our youth are the engines that drive our Youth Ministry. It is a great honor and pleasure to serve this congregation in ministering to our Youth.  With a great team of dedicated Youth Workers, we have a very active calendar of events to keep our Youth engaged and encouraged.


We will instill old values into young minds through scriptural teaching, devotionals and uplifting activities consistent with the Church mission statement and objectives that will ensure the Church for the future. These activities will provide opportunities for McAlmont’s youth to develop the spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive, and social skills necessary for Christian living

Youth Bulletin
Youth Event Flyer
Youth Calendar
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